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Every Friday 8am-4pm
FREE Blood Pressure Checks
No appointments or waiting!
Public Health locations
1100 E. Wendover Ave, GSO
501 East Green Drive, High Point

February is:
Black History Month
Canned Food Month
Great American Pie Month
Bird Feeding Month
Cherry Month
Weddings Month
Spunky Old Broads Month

7th wave at your neighbor day
8th Boy Scout's day
9th pizza day
10th clean your computer day
14th Valentine's Day
20th love your pet day
23rd dog biscuit day
26th Ash Wednesday
29th Leap Day

Community Theatre of Greensboro or Call 336-333-7469
The CTG box office is open Tuesday-Friday from 12pm-4pm
520 South Elm Street, Greensboro

Women's Resource Center
Are you a woman looking for a path to a better future for you or your family?
Call (336) 275-6090 to make an appointment for your FREE, confidential, one-on-one session with a trained Community Resource Specialist who will provide you with the information and referrals to help you regarding any life issue.

High Point Theatre

Greensboro Performing Arts, Inc.

A community of dedicated professional teachers who believe that the pursuit,
mastery, and experience of performing arts enrich all of our lives.